Elegant Yorkies was created with the intentions of providing a secure network of responsible Yorkie lovers with great potentials to easily find the Yorkie they want. Our compassionate staff understands the process of searching for and purchasing a Yorkie can be stressful at times because it is such a big decision, That’s why we breed with responsibility and knowledge as well as expertise. We breed with love and care, concern and attention and make the best of our breeding your dream searching pet (friend).

With the challenges during breeding, we are happy to be successful and giving the world the best of us as we get to come out with stunning, loving, caring and beautiful Yorkies for our buyers.

we do not only sell we make sure every buyer gets all required papers from us during the purchase process.

we do treat all our buyers with respect as this has made us gain the world market for the few years we have been in this since the early 2000’s. since we came up we have been at the top of the Yorkie puppies for those we have served.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us, we’d love to hear about your experience!