At Elegant Yorkies Shipping, we strive to provide you with extraordinary customer service from beginning to end. Our experienced staff brings years of knowledge in the puppy shipping industry and can help assist in making your shipping experience as pleasant as possible. We will also explain every detail thoroughly to assure you of your pets safety throughout the shipping process.

The Shipping Process

  • A pets vets Specialist will first look to see where the closest airport is to ship your puppy. (We only ship puppies on airlines that implement a Pet Safe Program)
  • After choosing an airport, we will begin coordinating all schedules & considerations between you and us.
  • We will then book your flight and send you an email itinerary of all of the times, flights, schedules & your pick up location.
  • The day of your puppy’s journey, we will take him/her with all facility and transport him/her to the airport.
  • Once all of the paperwork is filled out and your puppy is checked in at the airport, you will receive an email and/or phone call letting you know how everything is going.
  • During the day of the flight, we will continually be updating you on the progress of the flight schedules until your puppy arrives safely in your arms.

More Details

You are more than welcome to drive here and pick up your puppy or meet us at a designated location witin a 60 mile radius of our home. I’m sorry, but will NOT travel outside of 60 miles. If this doesn’t work for you, we’re happy to ship your puppy using one of our shipping options below. We do NOT allow our puppies to go to their new homes until a minimum of 8 weeks old. In rare cases we may keep the puppies until 9 or 10 weeks if we feel they are not ready for their new home yet. If you live far away and are not willing to pick your puppy up, we can safely ship your puppy via ground or air.
Ground shipping is a great option for transporting your puppy. We can send your puppy via ground shipping if the weather is too hot to use an airline or even if you would just prefer it. Of course, this means that transportation could take longer than flying. We use a transport company that is professional puppy handler and delivers nationwide. Your puppy will travel in an air conditioned van or truck and will stop on a regular basis for food, water and potty breaks. We provide shipping crate, food and water. Shipping by ground will vary in cost depending on your location and is determined by the shipping company we use.
We have shipped many of our puppies nationwide via airlines and are very pleased with the service and care that the puppies have received. We use United airlines as they are the only airline that will ship flat faced dogs. That being said, we will only typically use this service in a pinch as we greatly prefer to have our puppies hand delivered and fully escorted to ensure their safety.
This is our preferred method and most requested form of transport. You can literally rest easy knowing with 100% certainty that your puppy is safe and in good hands. We will hand deliver your puppy to your nearest airport .